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Watching the numbers plummet on the scale is undoubtedly a great reason for most dieters to celebrate. But, how long will the fat stay at bay? Surprisingly, there’s a likely chance that you’ll gain the weight back within a few months, with the fat being more prevalent than before. So, why would that happen? Most often adipose tissue, the connective tissue that stores energy in the form of fat, increases the body’s biological drive to regain weight, even after a dramatic weight loss. It’s inevitable for many people, but, thanks to TruSculpt 3D you can win the fight against adipose tissue and the unwanted fat that might return once you shed excess pounds.

Advanced Skin Fitness is one of the first to offer the TruSculpt 3D procedure in Dallas. TruSculpt 3D is a non-invasive fat reduction and body sculpting procedure that uses monopolar radiofrequency to target and send uniform heat to the subcutaneous adipose tissue located beneath the skin to reduce fat. This non-surgical technology is a new advancement in body sculpting that focuses on three specific characteristics – dimension, definition, and depth to reduce the circumference around areas of the body with stubborn fat.

TruSculpt 3D is considered to be one of the most effective fat reduction and body sculpting procedures that delivers results in the shortest period of time. With one session, patients can expect to see more than a 20% reduction. And with the 3D component, the procedure is optimized to offer a customized treatment in body sculpting for large and small areas of the body.

With TruSculpt 3D the technician uses a hand piece to run across the skin for a one-hour treatment session. It’s a painless procedure that allows the patient to lie still during the whole treatment in quiet comfort. It takes about two minutes for the TruSculpt 3D to reach the optimal therapeutic temperature, during which time up to four areas of the body can be treated. And because it’s non-surgical, the patient can return to their daily activities, without having to deal with the uncomfortable inconvenience of downtime.

If you’re struggling to keep the weight off, after experiencing a significant weight loss, let Advanced Skin Fitness help you melt the fat away and sculpt your body with TruSculpt 3D.

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