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Cheers to you! You’ve made up your mind and you’re ready to smooth those wrinkles out, lift that sagging skin, reduce some cellulite and address some other cosmetic issues. But here’s the catch, you need a skin care clinic. Okay, that’s the first step. Now where do you find one? Sounds like a trick question. Not really.  When it comes to choices, you’ve got them coming at you left and right. There are a ton of skin care clinics that offer cosmetic procedures. Your only problem is that you can’t figure out which one will be right for you. Well, if you’re comfortable with asking ‘Becky with the good skin’ where she had “her work” done, you’ll get exactly what you need to get the skin rejuvenation you’re dreaming of, a referral.

Yes, a referral or word of mouth recommendation is one of the best ways to find a new skin care clinic, if you want amazing results from a reputable technician. Why? Because only a patient who has already had certain procedures performed can share an accurate account of how effective and comfortable the treatments are from a specific clinic. By getting a direct customer review and a possible story of their experience, you’ll develop more trust for the technician and more likely become a patient yourself.

By getting a referral, you can get a play by play of what to expect for your first treatment. While you assume that most skin care clinics will present all pertinent information, an actual patient can give you details on what may not hav been fully communicated in the skin care clinics’ brochures or website. Even before and after photos may not be enough to give you a real illustration of the type of results you should expect. If you have a friend who has had skin rejuvenation, you can see his or her progress up close and personal, so you can make an informed decision from there.

Now before you book an appointment to make those self-improvements, remember that the best reviews come from actual customers who have had the treatments you would like from a skin care clinic they’re comfortable with and are confident in.

At Advanced Skin Fitness we appreciate referrals, so we are offering a $50 gift certificate towards new services for our patients who refer a friend that makes a purchase. Call us today!

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