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Don’t get it twisted! Women aren’t the only proud creatures who invest in cosmetic treatments for wrinkles. There’s an increasing amount of men who are willing to take a shot or two to improve their appearance. Yes, really! Okay, maybe you know a couple of guys who surprisingly have admitted to getting botox injections. You know, just to smooth out a few facial wrinkles here and there. No biggie. But there are a whole lot more, even though they’re hush hush about it. In fact, there are scores of men who regularly get botox injections for more youthful looking skin and guess what! They get botox for their nether regions, too. Yes, you read that right!
If you think that women have cornered the market on genital skin rejuvenation, think again. Men are doing it too! Yup, botox injections in the scrotum is a growing trend for men who want the appearance of larger, low hanging testicles, decreased sweating and fewer wrinkles in the scrotum. Because the testicles will hang farther away from the body there is a visible illusion of a larger penis as well. Sure, it sounds a little vain, but it’s a growing concern and by gosh, men are doing something about it. Yet, they should be prepared to spend about $1000 – $2000 for each injection.

Of course, it sounds painful. But it isn’t really that uncomfortable. The technician applies a topical numbing cream before injecting botulin toxin into the skin of the scrotum, which makes the treatment more tolerable. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

The benefits of botox for cyclists and runners are huge since many of them experience thigh rubbing and skin irritation from sweat. Botox injections in the scrotum can decrease the burning that results from these conditions. And if you’re worried about how long it will last, you shouldn’t have to get another injection for at least four to six months.

Some men have reported that they have experienced a better sex life once their testicles were relaxed. Because the scrotum is hanging lower, it’s more pleasurable for men and women.

No longer is botox just used for laugh lines and frown lines. Men are having it injected in other body parts, like under the arms to decrease sweating. Who knows where else botox will be used for! If you want to give botox for less sweating, lower hanging testicles, the illusion of a longer penis, and smoother skin on the scrotum, stop by our offices or give us a call.

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