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Dysport Treatment

Botox / Dysport® treatment for relaxing those unshakeable frown lines and wrinkles.

Few treatments are as convenient or as easy as Botox/Dysport®: just one treatment of a few small injections takes ten minutes. Within days, the Dysport® treatment smoothens and relaxes the unshakeable frown lines between your brows for up to four months. There’s no surgery and no recovery time; you just take your injections and go. It’s a safe, widely-tested and FDA-approved way to take years off your face.

Botox / Dysport, which is the cosmetic form of the botulinum toxin, is a non-surgical procedure that reduces or erases forehead creases, crow’s feet, thick bands in the neck and frown lines. The Dysport® treatment does this by blocking nerve impulses to temporarily paralyze the muscles that cause wrinkles. As a result, your skin is smoother and younger looking. Further studies have shown that Botox / Dysport® may be effective in relieving migraine pain, muscle spasms in the neck and eyes and excessive sweating.