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Why Coolsculpting Works Wonders for Women

For women, unwanted fat can be an albatross. Dresses are way too tight, jeans won’t zip up without cutting off your circulation and your bras are making your skin bulge on your back. But that’s not all. Your upper arms flap with each movement and your... read more

Coolsculpting Has Been FDA Cleared For Upper Arm Fat

Coolsculpting gets two thumbs up! Well, why not?  It’s done wonders for millions of people who have sought to rid unwanted fat from their abdomen, thighs, and waist. It gently cools targeted fat cells, destroys them without damaging the surrounding tissue and... read more

Velashape 3 For Leg Swelling and Edema

Ew! What’s happening? You’ve got swollen legs, bloated feet, puffy ankles, inflated arms and inflamed hands. Boy, you’re starting to feel like a human water balloon and it’s the worst. It looks like you may be suffering from edema. Edema is an... read more