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truSculpt 3D for Cellulite

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Quite Possibly the Most Effective Cellulite Treatment in the World, Available at Advanced Skin Fitness in Dallas

Cellulite is a skin condition that is characterized by a dimply, orange peel like accumulation of fat. It’s usually found on the hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks and can be difficult to conceal. It develops when fat is pushed through connective tissue up to the dermis and epidermis of skin. Although it mainly afflicts about 80% – 90% of women, a small percentage of men are also affected with the skin condition. This imbalance is due to the problems in structural connective tissue factors relating to women which creates conditions for poor circulation and poor lymphatic drainage of the outer most fat.

Diet and exercise may seem like the answer for reducing cellulite, but it may not work once the circulation and lymphatic drainage has been impaired. The far cells won’t become small enough to smooth out the skin, so no matter how much you cut out far and calories and no matter how much you workout, the cellulite could remain. If you want a more definite and effective treatment for cellulite reduction, TruSculpt 3D is one of the best non-invasive procedures for eliminating the stubborn fat deposits on the hips, thighs, stomach and buttocks.

TruSculpt is an FDA approved aesthetic treatment that can reduce and eliminate cellulite by using radio frequency (RF) energy to heat deep layers of the skin and fat, which contours the body and reduces circumference destroying fat cells. A technician glides a hand piece across the patient’s body as it delivers the deep heat.

The TruSculpt 3D is a new technology that focuses on three specific characteristics, which are dimension, definition, and depth to target cellulite and reduce the fat cells that contribute to the dimpling of the skin. Several areas can be treated simultaneously while providing fast results and without causing discomfort to the patient.

There are many treatments on the market that focus on cellulite reduction, but TruSculpt 3D is a one of the only procedures that shows results in only one or two treatments. Within a few weeks patients will notice the cellulite begin to minimize revealing firmer smoother skin.

At Advanced Skin Fitness our technicians use TruSculpt 3D to provide patients with a comfortable and painless procedure that can be performed while they lie still in a quiet environment. Patients don’t require downtime after the procedure and there are little to no side effects.

TruSculpt 3D is recommended for people who have had little to no success with eliminating cellulite through conventional methods. Many have found that even if they’ve lost a substantial amount of weight, the cellulite has not improved, contouring has not occurred and the skin has not tightened or become any smoother.

We’d like to answer some common questions that many people have about cellulite reduction and how the TruSculpt 3D technology can benefit them.

How should the patient prepare before having the TruSculpt 3D treatment?

Patients should by hyper hydrated by drinking plenty of water and they should remove all jewelry and piercings on the treatment area.

How many areas affected with cellulite can be treated with TruSculpt 3D?

TruSculpt 3D is able to treat up to 4 areas of the body in one session, particularly the hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach, where cellulite commonly appears.

Who is the best cellulite reduction candidate for TruSculpt 3D?

Patients who have stubborn cellulite that won’t budge from diet and exercise and who have no more than 10-20 pounds that they need to shed on different areas of the body are good candidates for TruSculpt 3D.

The ideal patient for TruSculpt 3D has a BMI of less than 30 and would like to reduce fat in specific areas of the body.

Who is not eligible to receive the TruSculpt 3D treatment?

Patients with metal in their bodies cannot have the TruSculpt 3D procedure.

If you have metallic implants, a pacemaker, an internal defibrillator or joint replacements in the area that you want treated, you cannot have the TruSculpt 3D procedure. Pregnant woman are also not able to have the procedure.

Is TruSculpt 3D used on all skin types?

Yes, TruSculpt 3D is safely used on all skin types.

How long does the TruSculpt 3D procedure take?

Usually, it takes less than 90 minutes for one session. The TruSculpt 3D device will be on the patient a 60-minute patient cycle.

How many treatments do patients need before they see a reduction in cellulite after the TruSculpt 3D procedure?

It only takes one session to see noticeable cellulite reduction and body contouring but some patients require an additional treatment(s).

With one TruSculpt 3D treatment patients should see significant cellulite reduction. Patients have the option to schedule more treatments after the first one, but they should be spaced at least 8 weeks apart. Consult with your technician for the best timeframe.

Is the TruSculpt 3D procedure painful and are there side effects?

The TruSculpt 3D does not involve pain and there no side effects.

When patients receive the TruSculpt treatment, they normally feel a warm sensation. This sensation is not painful and very tolerable. After the treatment patients may experience mild irritation and redness, which gradually clears up.

Is there downtime after the TruSculpt 3D treatment?

No, there is no downtime after the TruSculpt 3D treatment.

The TruSculpt 3D procedure is non-surgical, so the patient is able to resume their daily activities without needing downtime. Some patients may have a moderate amount of discomfort, but they’re able to return to their work following their treatment.

Why makes TruSculpt 3D unique as a cellulite reduction treatment?

TruSculpt 3D shows results in just one session and permanently removes fat.



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