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I've been going to Advanced Skin Fitness for over a year. I have had numerous procedures done and look and feel better than ever. They always make me feel welcome and know who I am, which makes me feel confident with the procedures we are doing. READ MORE

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Everyone was friendly and professional. I would recommend Advanced Skin [Fitness] without hesitation. READ MORE

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Advanced Skin Fitness is superb in services and the staff is wonderful. Every time I go there I am always confident about whatever I am having done because the staff is professional and knowledgeable. Thank you so much! READ MORE

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Beautiful facility and accommodating personable staff. Excellent service and expertise on procedure. Thanks to you all! READ MORE


ADVANCED SKIN FITNESS – One of the area’s original Medical spas, has been pioneering and improving non-invasive aesthetic treatments, anti aging, and fat reduction for years, body contouring, and CoolSculpting in Dallas for years. We refuse to settle for out-of-the box, pre-packaged approaches to patient’s needs. Often, the best results come from combinations of treatments.  We find the right combination of treatments and approaches for YOUR individual situation to help you realize the best YOU possible.

Skin Tightening Treatments

A new non-surgical, non-invasive treatment to radically tighten skin and restore elasticity, Ultherapy is the only FDA-cleared non-surgical treatment to tighten the neck, chin, brow, and face. It uses the latest technology to deliver precise ultrasound frequency to cause a regenerative response in the deepest layers of skin promoting new collagen growth. This treatment has also proved highly effective at reducing cellulite.

Our latest treatment, Emface, allows us to lift, tighten, add definition and reduce wrinkles for the face through non-invasive electronic stimulation. 

Threadlift is a non-surgical but more invasive procedure for lifting the face and other areas using bio-absorbable threads that break down over time under the skin and promote collogen. 

Resurfacing Treatments

Our skin resurfacing plans address lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and scarring. Pixel® lasers micro-puncture skin in such a way as to rid the face of old skin with our Pixel Laser Resurfacing treatment.

Laser Resurfacing can smooth skin and heal a variety of issues including moderate scarring.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment which vacuums pores clean and uses very small bristles. We supplement this with infusions of vitamins and acids. Chemical peels such as our comprehensive multi-step HydraFacial process further help address texture issues and pores, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

We use micro-needling combined with radio frequency to address elasticity and texture. Improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks as well as subtle issues like fine lines. PhotoFacials use IPL or intense pulsed light to address spots, rosacea, redness, and unwanted freckles. Spider Veins can be effectively treated with a proprietary combination laser treatments.

No matter what the issue, we have more treatments and solutions than anyone else in Dallas to fix your skin and help you look and feel amazing.

Fillers and Injectables

Advanced Skin Fitness always stays current on latest developments in injectables and fillers which have come a long ways in recent years. Our most popular are DysportHyaluronic Acid Facial fillers and Platelet rich Plasma treatments. For noticeable visual effects, injectables and fillers are very popular. Fillers can correct wrinkles and lines in a way that resurfacing procedures can’t.

Acne and Acne Scars

We routinely transform acne damaged faces into smooth, confident ones with great skin. Our treatments for acne scarring can literally change lives.

To resurface skin that has suffered from acne, we use Alma Pixel, a laser designed for treating skin that might otherwise show permanent effects from acne.

Active acne problems can be reduced or eliminated with microdermabrasion and Light Photodynamic therapy with Levulan. You can tailor our ClearLight, Blu-U and Blue Light systems to your specific acne needs.

Fat and Cellulite Treatments

Advanced Skin Fitness offers a wide range of body contouring and fat reduction treatments. 

To break down fat cells, we use combinations of treatments to attack fat in multiple ways such as radio frequency, fat cavitation, and CoolSculpting cryolipolysisVanquish radio frequency treatments target fat cells with effective RF fat removal. Our Velashape3 treatments combine radio frequency, infrared, vacuum and massage to treat cellulite. To contour and tighten flabby spots, we add our vShape procedure. Our ZWave pulse therapy uses sound waves to enhance the results of other treatments, by removing dead cells and toxins. vShape can be used to reduce excess fat around the stomach, stomach and thighs.

CoolSculpting is one of our favorite tools against fat. CoolSculpting, a proven technology, allows us to target stubborn areas of fat specifically with cryolipolysis.  CoolSculpting uses low-temperature freezing to target specific areas of fat. CoolSculpting was already effective when it first came out several years ago. Since then CoolSculpting refinements have made the procedure even more effective meaning more fat cells destroyed with fewer treatments. 

Laser Hair Removal

Advanced Skin Fitness is Dallas finest provider of laser hair removal treatments with proven superior results. Unlike older technologies, ours can accommodate any skin and hair combination with less pain and more permanence.

Hair Restoration

In the last decade, hair restoration and hair transplantation have advanced considerably. Our doctor and methods have one of the best reputations in the country, and our clients are happy. Every client has a different pattern of loss and history. We provide a solution for every hair loss condition.

Teeth Whitening

The BEYOND® White method, which is the most powerful, professional teeth whitening technique available right now, has no equal. A unique technology that attacks stains on the surface as well as underlying discoloration without abrasives, BEYOND® is the safer, quicker, and more effective way to obtain visible results fast.

Body Contouring

Emsculpt is a similar treatment that works by stimulating muscular contractions at a rate of up to 20,000 per minute with HIFEM®️ (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology. It’s been cleared by the FDA to treat muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms.

The CoolTone treatment uses cutting-edge science to effectively force muscle fibers into involuntary contractions. It improves the effectiveness of muscular exercise by strengthening, toning, and growing muscle more efficiently than exercise alone does. Imagine obtaining a more firm, toned physique while relaxing on our treatment table.

Emsculpt is a similar treatment that works by stimulating muscular contractions at a rate of up to 20,000 per minute with HIFEM®️ (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) technology. It’s been cleared by the FDA to treat muscles in the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms.


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