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Coolsculpt has done it again! They’ve offered a better fat reduction solution for eliminating the annoying jiggle of fat on the arms, legs, and abdomen. These can be some tough areas when battling the bulge, especially on the arms, which is the third greatest area of concern for consumers. Well, the wait is over! Coolsculpt has rolled out the new CoolAdvantage Petite, the only FDA approved non-invasive fat reduction treatment for the upper arms. It’s also highly effective at treating smaller areas on the legs and abdomen.

Coolsculpting has been significantly successful at targeting those specific stubborn areas of the body. Most often they’re pockets of fat that just won’t go away, even after pushing the limit in the local gym. Now there’s an FDA-approved non-invasive technology that freezes targeted fat cells in the body, destroys them without disturbing the tissue surrounding the treated area and then eliminates the dead cells from the body through the natural metabolic process. What a revolution! Now there’s the CoolAdvantage Petite that has been FDA approved to specifically treat the arms, legs, and abdomen.

These areas are some of the most challenging areas for fat reduction, especially the arms. Because they’re gentle in structure CoolAdvantage Petite has two interchangeable customized contours to treat the special shape of the upper arm. It reduces the fat safely and effectively by using an applicator cup to increase direct tissue contact at a lower temperature, which cuts the treatment to about 30 minutes. This is half the time of the Coolsculpting procedure on larger areas.

Noticeable results should be expected in about 3 weeks after the procedure has been performed. You’ll see more fat reduction between 1 to 3 months. For more fat reduction and contouring it’s best to have more CoolAdvantage Petite treatments.

So, get ready to get the fabulous contoured body that you want and get rid of those bat wings for good! CoolAdvantage Petite will allow you to go sleeveless and show off leaner more and a sensible meal plan. You’ll need it to maintain your fantastic new shape.

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