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Since the advent of Coolsculpting, the FDA cleared fat-freezing technology, legions of women and men have been able to eliminate unwanted pockets of fat through its controlled cooling process, painlessly, comfortably, and quite easily.  In fact, this non-surgical treatment has become one of the best non-invasive, fat reducing solutions on the market. It’s especially ideal for women who want an alternative to painful fat eliminating procedures like liposuction or other surgical treatments. Particularly when their past efforts of grueling workouts and sensible eating still won’t budge the fat. Remarkably, Coolsculpting has been able to get rid of the fat with a few painless treatments.

The Coolsculpting technology works by using special applicators to target fat cells, freeze them until they crystallize and eliminate them through the body’s natural processes. By targeting specific areas of fat, the surrounding tissue remains undisturbed, making Coolsculpting safe and effective for people who only want to work on problem areas.  With its increasing demand, the Coolsculpting procedure has seen continued improvement with the implementation of better and more effective applicators to target more areas. This was not only a win for Coolsculpting, but a win for the millions of people who are losing the battle of the bulge in particular areas on their bodies. Now, they’re able to reduce more fat and get a contoured body.

When Coolsculpting was first introduced, the applicator was designed to target large areas like the stomach and thighs, but there were other areas that were difficult to slim like the flanks, bra and back fat, the upper arm area and underneath the buttocks. So, in 2016 and 2017 Coolsculpting rolled out special interchangeable contours with their CoolAdvantage system that can individually address each problem area. The new special applicators have a smaller cup size to treat smaller areas. There’s also a reduced treatment time per session, so patients can get back to their daily lives even quicker than with the original Coolsculpting applicator.

There’s the CoolMax for the lower and upper abdomen, CoolCore for the contours of the abdomen, CoolCurve for the flanks, CoolFit for the inner thigh and the Petite applicator for the upper arms. Each treatment takes about 35 minutes and patients experience little to no side effects.
These significant changes in the applicators over the years have helped to give women and men more contours and tone in the many areas that they struggle with. So, if you have stubborn fat that won’t shed from diet and exercise, come see us at Advanced Skin Fitness for your next Coolsculpting Treatment.

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