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Clear + Brilliant

What is Clear + Brilliant?

Once your skin begins to reflect the distressing signs of aging, you may notice a duller complexion, larger pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and reoccurring blemishes. Instead of accepting the demise of your youthful skin, along with the other skin damage that accompanies aging and sun exposure, Advanced Skin Fitness offers Clear + Brilliant, a revolutionary skin rejuvenation laser treatment that can reverse the signs of aging and deliver beautiful radiant skin.

At Advanced Skin Fitness we’re proud to use Clear + Brilliant, a non-invasive and non-surgical fractional laser technology that brightens dull skin and repairs damaged skin by creating tiny treatment zones in the skin. The skin is gently rejuvenated with the use of a non-ablative fractional laser beam that penetrates the skin and destroys damaged skin cells. The damaged skin is replaced with healthy, younger look skin that begins to rejuvenate the skin. The procedure is normally performed on the face, neck and chest and is safe for all ages and every skin type.

Clear + Brilliant is considered to be one of the gentlest laser treatments available. However, it is highly effective and delivers dramatic results. Patients should expect to see healthier, fresher and smoother looking skin with no downtime or side effects. For the best results patients should have a series of treatments and continue to have routine treatments to maintain their healthy glow.

For patients who have never had the Clear + Brilliant treatment, we’d like to answer some frequently asked questions.

What is Clear + Brilliant and how does it work? 
Clear + Brilliant is a fractional laser treatment that rejuvenates the skin to combat dullness, fine lines wrinkles, large pores, uneven tone, hyperpigmentation, and even stubborn melasma.

A non-ablative laser beam gently penetrates the skin at a very limited depth to create tiny treatment zones in a small fraction of the skin. The laser beam delivers heat to a targeted area and destroys damaged skin cells.The damaged skin is replaced with healthy, younger look skin that begins to rejuvenate the skin

Who is the best candidate for Clear + Brilliant? 
Clear + Brilliant is an ideal treatment for people who want to address the early signs of aging, achieve a healthy glow and replace damaged skin with a smooth texture.

The best candidate for Clear + Brilliant is someone who wants to improve a dull complexion, large pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, hyperpigmentation and reoccurring blemishes.

What type of results should one expect after the Clear + Brilliant treatment? 
Patients should expect to see smoother glowing skin.

After the Clear + Brilliant treatment the skin will be more illuminated. The texture of the skin will be exceptionally softer, the skin tone will be improved and the pores will be dramatically reduced.

How long is each Clear + Brilliant treatment?
The procedure can range between 20 minutes and 1 hour.

The size of the treatment area and condition of the skin will determine the length of time to complete each Clear + Brilliant treatment session. So, it would be best to schedule an hour appointment.

How many Clear + Brilliant treatments are needed to see noticeable results? 
Patients will see noticeable results after the first treatment, but for maximum results, a series of treatments should be performed.

Depending on your goals, you can decide how many treatments you would need to achieve your desired results. For those who want to maintain a consistent glow in their skin and and  smooth the texture of extensively damaged skin, several treatments may be required to see the maximum results.

Is the Clear + Brilliant treatment painful? 
No. The Clear + Brilliant is not painful, but patients will feel a mild prickly sensation.

Clear + Brilliant is considered to be very gentle compared to other laser treatments. It was designed to provide the patient with a comfortable experience. To avoid any possible discomfort, the technician may apply a numbing cream to the treatment area.

Will patients experience side effects after the Clear + Brilliant treatment? 
No. Patients should not expect any side effects, but some may feel a slight temporary irritation afterwards.

After a patient has the Clear + Brilliant treatment the skin may appear mildly dry and red, but it will likely subside within a day.

Is there downtime required after having the Clear + Brilliant treatment?
No. There is no downtime but you will experience redness for typically 24 hours.

Because Clear + Brilliant is a non-invasive gentle procedure, patients can return to their normal activities typically the following day after their treatment.

How long will the positive effects of Clear + Brilliant last? 
Results can last for a few months.
The lasting effects for each patient will depend on how damaged the skin is and how well the patient cares for their skin. If the patient wants to extend the effects of the Clear +Brilliant treatment, they can have more treatments.

What areas of the skin are normally treated with Clear + Brilliant?

Clear + Brilliant is usually used to treat the face, neck and chest.

Most people use Clear + Brilliant for their face, neck and chest, but it has been used to treat other areas of the body with damaged skin.

How often should a patient have Clear + Brilliant treatments?
Patients should wait at least 4-6 weeks between each treatment before scheduling another appointment.

What is the best age to have the Clear + Brilliant treatment? 
You can have the Clear + Brilliant treatment at any age.

People of all ages have skin that is affected by sun exposure and the environment. To address the early signs of aging, regain vibrancy or extend a youthful look Clear +Brilliant is the ideal treatment.

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