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Dysport Treatment

Dysport®, the newer, better Botox®

Laughing, squinting, frowning and smiling are natural facial expressions that seem harmless until they become imbedded lines and wrinkles in the face.  As the face ages, the muscles on the face begin to tighten, so the skin appear rested and relaxed look it once had.  Unfortunately, over time from these facial contractions the lines remain as permanent fixtures around the eyes, the mouth and the forehead.  To resolve this problem injectable solutions are available to relax the lines in the face and neck temporarily, so the skin is smooth and wrinkle free.

There are a variety of treatments that help smooth wrinkles and improve elasticity, but some lines are so pronounced that they have become resistant to certain procedures.  At Advanced Skin Fitness, we recommend Dysport for stubborn lines and wrinkles.  Dysport is a safe, convenient cosmetic form of botulinum Toxin A (as found in Botox) that reduces or erases forehead creases, crow’s feet, thick bands in the neck and frown lines when injected into the skin.  It’s a widely tested, FDA-approved treatment for smooth, young looking skin.  It is often compared to Botox because of it’s congruent benefits, but there are some slight contrasts.

Besides combating deep-seated wrinkles, Dysport has other uses that have been beneficial for our patients.  Migraine headaches have dissipated for some patients after receiving the treatment.  Muscle spasms in the neck and eyes, as well as excessive sweating have been alleviated when injected into the affected area.

We address some of the concerns that patients have for Dysport before having the treatment and other purposes for the medicine, by answering some common questions.

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a convenient injection treatment that temporarily relaxes wrinkles and lines to smooth out existing ones and prevent new ones from forming.

Dysport is a safe, non-invasive injectable botulin toxin Type A that blocks the nerve impulses to temporarily relax the muscles that cause wrinkles.  It’s very similar to Botox in its properties and treatment of frown lines and other folds in the skin.  The practitioner will inject small amounts of the toxin into the muscles, so the muscles cannot contract and cause the skin to crease over them.  Patients should see the muscles steadily relax, making the skin appear smoother.  For frown lines, smile lines, crow’s feet, it’s a great alternative to plastic surgery.  Patients should see a dramatic reduction of creases in the skin soon after the treatment.

How long is the Dysport procedure and is it painful?

The Dysport injection treatments last about 10 minutes with little to no discomfort.

Dysport is non-invasive so patients should not expect to experience pain.  Very fine needles are used to inject the medication, so there’s no sudden spike of pain when the skin is pricked.  There is no need for icing or numbing the area prior to treatment and no pain medications or anti-inflammatories are needed.

Are there any side effects or risks related to Dysport?

Rarely some patients experience some minor side effects after the injection, but some of these reactions can be alleviated before the procedure.

Dysport injections are typically pain free, but some patients may experience a slight stinging sensation during and after the procedure. For concerned patients the physician can apply ice to the injection area after treatment if discomfort persists.

Some patients experience uncomfortable responses to the treatment such as swelling, bruising, redness or numbness.  To minimize the risks, patients may want to avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory medication, fish oil and vitamin E.  There are some rare occurrences of headaches and flu-like symptoms, along with an extremely rare incidence of temporary drooping of the eyelid.

Although there has not been a link between birth defects and Dysport, women who pregnant or nursing are discouraged from getting the injection.

Is there downtime after the Dysport injection?

After the Dysport injection there is no downtime. Patients should be able to resume their normal routine.

Patients are cleared to return to their jobs or other planned tasks after they receive the injection, but some patients may want to wait a day or so, if by chance they experience some minor scabbing from the injection.

What is the difference between Dysport and Botox?

Dysport has been FDA approved to produce results faster and last longer than Botox.

Although there are some major similarities between Dysport and Botox, there are some stark differences between the two toxins.  Both toxins relax the muscles so that wrinkles are not able to form, but Dysport is FDA approved and patient reported to respond quicker to the paralysis and muscle weakening than Botox.

Dysport injections seems to avert wrinkles as long as six months, sometimes longer, while Botox, on average will last about 3 to 4 months before another injection is needed.

Dysport can be less expensive than Botox, but Botox patients find that the injections are more effective and more potent than Dysport.

How soon should a patient see results from the Dysport injection?

Patients should see the results in 2 -4 days.

A successful injection will often begin to weaken the muscle in about 24 to 48 hours.  Patients should see a noticeable difference around the third or fourth day.  It varies between patients.  The peak of muscle weakening will occur at the seventh day of the injection.  At that point patients will have received the maximum effects of the treatment.

What is the difference between Dysport and Facial Fillers?

Dysport temporarily paralyzes the muscle to smooth out deep wrinkles and facial fillers fill in areas where the skin has lost volume.

Dysport and facial fillers are both injectables that target wrinkles and last for months at a time, but the product and mode of action are different. Dysport uses a toxin to block the muscles from forming wrinkles.  The temporary paralysis eventually smooths the wrinkles and stops them from developing when the patient smiles or frowns.  Facial fillers plump the skin where it has sunken and has loss collagen from aging and weight loss.

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