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Cellulite can be a stubborn mass of ripples and dimples on the skin that have failed to vanish with weight loss. A radical change in diet may prevent further fat build up, but it may not be the best solution for returning your skin to the smooth surface it once had. There are cellulite reduction treatments on the market, but they can be invasive, painful and costly. At Advanced Skin Fitness, we use VelaShape 3 to reduce cellulite and contour the body, so that the skin is ripple free without discomfort. Our treatments are painless and less expensive than other more invasive procedures. They also produce more effective results, so that cellulite stays at bay permanently.

With VelaShape 3 you can safely attain a body that is contoured, toned and better shaped at a faster rate than its predecessors VelaSmooth, VelaShape, and VelaShape2. The process involves slimming and firming cellulite through radio frequency, infrared light energy and vacuum for collagen reproduction. VelaShape 3 allows patients to achieve the results that are received with previous models of VelaShape, but with less sessions, more effectiveness, quicker results and shorter treatment time.

VelaShape 3 is the first and only medical device to have FDA approval for the reduction of cellulite and non-invasive circumferential reduction of the thighs. We use this technology with the confidence that it is one of the safest and trusted procedures that will help you get a toned body that is cellulite free.

There are some questions that patients have concerning VelaShape 3. We try to address the most common ones.

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What is VelaShape 3 and how does it work?

VelaShape 3 is a cellulite and circumference reduction treatment that uses radio frequency, infrared light energy and vacuum to deep heat fat cells that encompass the joining tissue and the collagen in the dermal layer of the skin. The mechanical massage of the vacuum triggers the lymphatic drainage. The radio frequency energies as well as the infrared light stimulate the production of collagen and increase the metabolism of the fat cell. The suction increases the circulation to the affected tissue. The results are a reduction in cellulite, a contoured shape, more tone, less body volume, a slimmer figure, tighter skin and smoother texture.

Is the VelaShape 3 treatment painful and what areas are normally treated?

VelaShape 3 is not painful and involves little to no discomfort. It’s intended to perform well on large and small areas.

The best areas for maximum effect are the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. The treatment is non-invasive, so it does not involve lacerating the skin. In general, there is no pain involved in the procedure. Patients may detect a sensation of distinct heat radiating through their skin, but it’s more comparable to a warm deep tissue massage, rather than a burning feeling. The treatment conforms to the patient’s sensitivity and minimizes discomfort.

Is there downtime and are there side effects after the Velashape 3 treatment?

There is no downtime after receiving the treatment, but there may be some mild effects experienced post-procedure.

VelaShape 3 is a non-surgical, comfortable procedure, so it does not require recuperation afterward. After the treatment, patients can resume their normal activities without interruption caused by post-treatment discomfort.

Some patients may experience some tenderness, redness or slight bruising on the treatment areas, but these effects are usually not severe, so patients can function normally without suffering from any acute pain from the treatment.

Although it’s extremely unusual, there’s a narrow faction of the population with exceptionally sensitive skin that may be at risk for mild superficial burns. Each patient is different, so it’s best to convey your concerns to the physician performing the procedure before the treatment begins.

To avert unnecessary discomfort or ineffectiveness avoid tanning and use SPF 60 or higher for your sun block. Make sure the skin is lotion and perfume free. Skin that is exfoliated, clean and dry get the best results.

How long is the Velashape 3 procedure and how quickly will I notice results?

The procedure takes less than an hour to perform and the results are visibly noticeable after a few weeks.

The treatment averages about 30 to 40 minutes in time to administer. Patients should see gradual improvements in the appearance of the skin over a 6 to 8 week period of time. As the collagen naturally regrows, the patient will see the skin get progressively smoother and tighter. They should also see a reduction in their circumference and the area beginning to reshape.

How long do Velashape 3 results last?

The results can last for months before the patients needs to have another series of treatments. The best maintenance plan is to receive one treatment every 4 to 6 weeks after the initial series of treatments.

After receiving the treatment, the smoothing, tightening and reshaping is a progressive process that may take weeks to see noticeable change. After that the results vary. For some patients the results may last for 6 months and for some 12 months with no maintenance. Some fall somewhere in between half a year to an entire year.

How many treatments does VelaShape 3 take?

Most patients will need 8 to 10 treatments for visible results. Patients vary in response to treatment, so depending upon how severe the cellulite is the patient could need between 8 to 15 treatments before the deep dimples in their skin start to smooth and the skin tightens.

Most patients will see their circumference decrease after only a few treatments. They will normally see the reduction in cellulite after they see the circumference reduction, which could be as little as 0.5 inches to as much as 1 inch.

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Velashape 3 Before
VelaShape 3 After
Velashape 3 Before
VelaShape 3 After
Velashape 3 Before
VelaShape 3 After
Velashape 3 Before
VelaShape 3 After

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