17 Tiny Tweaks Celebrities Use to Look a Decade Younger

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How do some celebrities in their 50’s manage to look like they’re in their 30’s? If you think the answer is thousands of dollars spent on plastic surgery, insanely expensive creams, secret Hollywood diets, or elite personal trainers, think again. The real answer costs much less and simply involves making tiny tweaks to your daily life. Some of the most youthful looking women simply do the same things you already do, a little bit differently.

Here are 17 things you can start doing today to easily shave at least a decade off your appearance too.


  1. Look Instantly Slimmer by Standing Up Straight


You might be surprised at what a big difference good posture can make in your appearance. When you slump forward your stomach pushes out creating a pot-belly look and you lose inches off your height, effectively scrunching down your overall mass. By standing up or sitting up straight you elongate the body and create a more pleasing overall shape. The more you remind yourself to straighten your posture the more naturally it will come to you. Soon you’ll find yourself noticing that your posture is excellent without even having to think about it.

  1. Stand in front of a full length mirror with your weight evenly positioned over both feet
  2. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and “tuck them into your back pockets”. You’ll notice your shoulders visually squaring off, and your chest coming forward.
  3. Lift your head up so that the weight of it is centered over your neck
  4. Admire how good you look
  5. Set a reminder on your phone that says “check posture” to go off every 30 minutes.
  6. When you see the reminder, whether you are standing, sitting, or walking, straighten your spine and lead with your chest.

Subtract 6 months from your age.




  1. Brighten Your Smile with Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Years of bad habits can take a toll on the color of your teeth and whitening toothpaste can only get you so far. At home whitening kits can be difficult to apply evenly and may result in mottled colored teeth. To restore your bright pearly whites, it’s safest to go with a professional treatment. These don’t have to be expensive (at our office here it will run you $399) and usually takes under an hour.

If you decide you would like to have your teeth professionally whitened, follow these steps:

  1. Look at your schedule for this week and find a day where you have an extra hour or two.
  2. Pick up your cell phone or house phone
  3. Call Advanced Skin Fitness at (214) 521-5277
  4. Mention you would like to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening on the day you have chosen.

If you decide to try your hand at it at home; follow these steps:

  1. Get in your car and drive to your nearest drug store
  2. Do a little shopping. Choose a teeth whitening kit that includes trays and only has 1 product.
  3. When you get home, read the instructions very carefully. Fill the tray with the provided gel, put it on your teeth and set a timer for the prescribed amount of time. Watch a show or read a book to pass the time.
  4. When the time is up remove the trays and rinse your teeth and mouth out with clean room temperature water. Don’t use cold water. Your teeth will be too sensitive.
  5. Admire your stunning bright smile!

Subtract another 6 months from your age.



  1. Get Healthy Full Brows by Filling Them in Correctly

perfect brows

Years of tweezing and age can thin your brows but it’s very easy to get natural looking full eyebrows. Even if you’ve already got nice full eyebrows, filling them in with a little eyeshadow and light pencil will even them out and make them look healthier. Always go a shade or two lighter than your natural brow color if you’re a brunette, and the shade of the darkest hair on your head if you’re a blonde. You want this to look natural, not clownish.

  1. Gather your tools. You will need a cream or wax highlighter or your regular concealer, an angled brush, eyeshadow powder and a pencil in the correct colors.
  2. Standing under a well lit mirror outline the outside of your brows with highlighter or concealer and blend it in. This helps to define your shape and pop the hairs forward.
  3. Take your pencil and staying within the hair line begin at the bottom part of your brow nearest your nose. make light quick strokes on the bottom line only. Resist the urge to color in the middle part of your brow.
  4. Now take your angled brush and dip it into your shadow powder. Look for any holes, or thin spots in the brow and make quick passes pulling the color through the brow, up and outward mimicking the growth direction of your hair.
  5. Concentrate the color on the out sides of your brow and barely hit the center for a natural look.

Subtract another 6 months from your age.


  1. Add Instant Shine to Your Hair

shiny hair

Why do we associate glossy hair with beauty? Women in their 20’s have naturally healthy youthful and glossy hair. Chemical dyes, heat treating and abuse, however, can leave locks dull and lifeless. Also as we get older, hair tends to lose much of its original shine. A shine enhancing hair serum or argan oil will infuse hair with luster and gloss, instantly brightening your face and making your hair look touchably beautiful.

  1. Start with clean dry hair
  2. Pump a quarter sized amount of serum or argan oil into your palm
  3. Rub your hands together, evenly distributing and warming the oil
  4. Begin near the ends of your hair and pat the serum on in short downward strokes
  5. Work your way up toward your roots going no higher than the tops of your ears. You want more of the serum concentrated near the ends of your hair where strands tend to be drier and more damaged and less serum higher up where hair already tends to collect oil.
  6. Using a boar bristle or high quality soft brush, brush from the roots through to the shaft working the serum through the layers of hair and distributing it evenly.
  7. Watch how the light bounces off your glossy gorgeous hair.

Subtract another 6 months from your age.


  1. Get Clear Hydrated Skin and Bright Eyes by Keeping Track of Your Water

drink yo waterIt’s easy to become dehydrated without realizing it but did you know that not drinking enough water is making you look old? It’s true! When the body doesn’t have enough water it sucks moisture from your skin to use for more important tasks. This leaves your lips thin and dull, your skin papery and dry and creates wrinkles. (Think how much better a grape looks than a raisin) A good rule of thumb for water consumption is to drink half of your body weight in ounces; meaning that if you weigh 140 lbs, you should be drinking 70 ounces of water each day. Which is actually pretty easy if you just follow these steps.

  1. Write down your weight in lbs and divide by 2. The resulting number is your personal water goal.
  2. Find a water bottle with the ounces marked on the side like a Nalgene Everyday bottle or look at the bottom of your favorite water bottle and find out exactly how many ounces it holds.
  3. Divide your personal water goal number by the number of ounces your water bottle holds. This is how many of your bottles full of water you need to drink each day. Remember this number.
  4. When you first get up in the morning fill your water bottle and drink out of it. Take it with you out the door and sip off it all day.
  5. Don’t refill your water bottle until it’s empty.
  6. If you drink water out of something other than your bottle, fill it from your bottle.
  7. Drink as many bottles of water as you’ve determined to meet your personal water goal for the day.
  8. Enjoy feeling hydrated and energetic knowing that your skin and hair are getting all the moisture they need to look their best.

Subtract another 6 months from your age.


  1. Banish Dull Skin by Exfoliating Every Other Night

exfoliate faceOur body’s shed somewhere in the neighborhood of a million skin cells every single day. What does this mean for your face? It means that when left alone dead skin cells build up creating a dull, dry, and uneven appearance. Exfoliating every other day may seem excessive until you consider that you’re hiding your bright fresh face behind a mask of dead skin. These dead skin cells can also clog pores and cause ruptures and blemishes.

  1. Standing in front of a sink and mirror, put your hair up and use a soft headband to keep whispies away from your face.
  2. Wash any makeup off your face with your normal makeup remover.
  3. Choose the scrubbiest exfoliator you can find. We like Arcona’s Cranberry Gomage or Brightening Gomage. If you need a cheaper drugstore alternative try St.Ives apricot scrub.
  4. Put exfoliating product onto your finger tips and apply to face in light upward and outward strokes concentrating on your nose, forehead and chin.
  5. Use warm water as needed to create the right consistency in your product to really scrub it around on your face.
  6. After 2-3 minutes of good scrubbing rinse your face with warm water and pat dry.
  7. Apply a nighttime facial moisturizer.

Subtract another 6 months from your age.


  1. Curb Your Cocktails

curb your cocktails

While we love a good cocktail or two as much as anyone, alcohol is very dehydrating and we’ve already talked about how dry skin and hair isn’t doing anyone any favors. On top of the dehydrating factor, alcohol is extremely high in calories and regularly drinking can sabotage even the best of diets. Drinking water in between those drinks allows you not only to combat the dehydrating effects of alcohol, but also to slow yourself down, reducing the total amount of alcohol consumed.

  1. If you’re at a bar or restaurant always order your drink along with a glass of water.
  2. Don’t order another drink until your water is also gone.
  3. If you’re at home or someone else’s home set your water glass right next to your drink glass or wine glass
  4. Every time your wine glass or drink glass is refilled, refill your water glass too.

Subtract another 1 year from your age. 


8. Don Those Sunnies

Don those sunnies

Hiding their identity from the paparazzi is not the only reason we always see celebrities in sunglasses. They know that the skin around our eyes is 10 times thinner than the skin on the rest of our bodies. It’s also the first place that we develop winkles. Wearing sunglasses every time, you go outside, protects this delicate area from aging in two ways. First sunglasses shield this skin from damaging UV rays which cause hyper-pigmentation and wrinkles. Second, wearing sunglasses keeps you from squinting, a facial action that creates the appearance of wrinkles which over time will become permanently etched into your skin.

  1. Stash a pair of sunglasses in your car, one in your purse, and a third pair by the front door near your keys.
  2. Always put your sunglasses on when you grab your keys to head out the door.
  3. If you’re in your car driving and realize you forgot to grab your sunglasses before you left, grab your backup car pair of glasses.
  4. If you’re anywhere else outside and realize that you are not wearing sunglasses, pull the backup pair out of your purse and put them on.
  5. When you get back home take your sunglasses off the top of your head (where they are of course, posing as a headband) and set them back down by your keys.

As wearing sunglasses becomes a habit, you won’t need to use your backups but it’s a good idea to keep them handy just in case.

Subtract another 6 months from your age.


  1. Stop Wrinkles and Age Spots by Using a Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen


We all know that we need to be putting sunscreen on our faces before we leave the house, but how do celebrities with perfect youthful skin manage to remember to apply it every single day? The answer is making it a mindless part of your morning routine by using a daily moisturizer that already has sunscreen in it. Choose a high quality sunscreen moisturizer that won’t leave any white on your face and follow it up with your makeup routine.

  1. Put sunscreen moisturizer in your makeup bag or somewhere near it where you will always see it when you start to get ready in the morning.
  2. Wash your face or simply rinse it with warm water.
  3. Apply sunscreen daily moisturizer to your fingertips and work it into your face in quick light upward and outward strokes.
  4. Make sure to get under the eyes and above your lips
  5. Allow moisturizer to soak in for a few minutes and then apply makeup as usual
  6. Go about your day worry free feeling protected and ageless.

Subtract another 1 year from your age.



  1. Whittle Your Waist by Figuring Out Portion Sizes Once and For All

portion controlThis requires just a little conscious thought. If you’re not a calorie counter, you need to become familiar with just how much food you actually need at any given meal. (At a typical restaurant it’s about half of what’s actually on your plate.) This doesn’t mean cutting out foods that you love. It just means learning how to eat to satiety and then stop.

  1. If you’re at a restaurant it is very likely that any given entre will be enough food for at least two people. Get someone to split a meal with you.
  2. If you’re at home eat off of salad plates rather than dinner plates. A full dinner plate would be way too much food. A full salad plate is perfect.
  3. Your plate should be filled half with green things, ¼ with protein and ¼ with complex carbohydrates. For example, a cup and a half of green salad, half a baked sweet potato and about the size of a deck of cards of fish, chicken or steak.
  4. Get used to dividing your plate up like this at home and it will start to get easy to know when to stop eating when you’re out at restaurants.

Subtract another 6 months from your age.


  1. Shed Years off Your Face By Going Natural With Makeup

natural makeupCalvin Kline once famously stated “The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural” Finding the sweet spot to allow makeup to enhance our natural beauty without allowing it to become a garish mask is something every woman should master. Overdoing it with makeup can quickly backfire and make a woman look much older than she is. Dark colors drag the face down and can just look plain out of touch. Looking for natural shades of makeup, using a good set of brushes to blend out lines and excellent color matching are your friends here.

  1. Be religious about your skincare regimen. While this isn’t makeup, if you do this right you will have naturally beautiful skin that doesn’t need foundation or concealer.
  2. Go easy on powdered makeups. Face powder can settle into fine lines around our mouths and eyes and actually make them look more prominent. If you absolutely must use powder, make sure your face is highly moisturized first and go easy around the eyes and mouth.
  3. If you have to use foundation, make sure it matches your skin color. Use as little as necessary one trick is to mix half foundation and half face moisturizer into your hand and apply this to cut the opacity of a heavy foundation. Blend the edges with a makeup sponge until you can’t tell where the delineation is. Blending well is key to a natural look.
  4. Choose a blush or bronzer with warm undertones that match your skin tones and apply lightly to the apples of your cheeks.
  5. Highlight with a pearly powder. Use a brush to lightly dust highlighter on the highest parts of your cheeks, the center of your forehead and the bridge of the nose.
  6. For most faces highlighter is all that is needed to define and illuminate the face If you must contour however, use a powder and contouring brush rather than creams or waxy pencils. Always start light and build up layers only if you have to.
  7. Use the same bronzer and highlighter that you use on your face as eyeshadow. Bronzer in the crease and outside corner, highlighter in the inside corner and center of eyelid and underneath the brow. Blend blend blend.
  8. Rather than using black eyeliner try a dark brown. The lines will seem less harsh and will give a softer more youthful look. For a softer look still, dip a small pointed makeup brush into water and mix with a brown eyeshadow to form a paste. Use this to paint on as eyeliner.
  9. For Mascara it is crucial that the makeup in your bottle is wet enough. Thick mascara will not spread evenly and will make eyelashes clump together. Remember that your mascara has the same job as your bra; to lift and separate. If your eyelashes are clumping when you apply mascara its time to get a new bottle, to make do until then add a drop or two of water to the bottle screw the lid back on and try again

Subtract another 6 months from your age.


  1. Flatter Your Figure with Clothes That Fit You

wer clothes that fitThis should be basic but mostly every women gets this wrong and we have to wonder what they’re missing. Contrary to what some women seem to think, wearing a size smaller than your actual size does not make you look like you really ARE that size. If you can barely fit into a 6, it doesn’t mean you can fit into a six.  It just makes you look bigger than you really are. If you put your jeans on and have a muffin top, your jeans are too small. If you cant sit down without exposing booty crack then your pants don’t fit.  Alternatively wearing clothes that are too big for you can make you look sloppy and unkempt. To complete this task you are going to need to purge your closet of everything that doesn’t fit you.

  1. Start by pulling everything out of your closet and emptying your dresser drawers. Put it all in a semi-neat pile on your bed or floor.
  2. Try on each item one by one in front of full length mirror. You’re going to judge each and every item and put it into 1 of 2 piles. A “YES” pile and a “NO” pile.
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror after trying on the first item. Ask yourself if the item makes you bulge out anywhere. We all know where our love handles end and begin but no one else should be able to tell that when you’re wearing clothes. A shirt or dress should skim and flow over your upper body. If it tucks into your rolls it’s too tight. Throw it in the “NO” pile. Does it inhibit any sort of movement that you are able to do without the item of clothing on. If so, throw it in the “No” pile.
  4. Ask yourself it the item is too big. Do the shoulders sit where they are supposed to or do they extend down your arms. Does it hide your waist making you look more boxy than hourglassy. Is there extra fabric hanging in front of the bust that you don’t fill in. If you answer yes throw it in the “NO” pile
  5. Continue this process with every single item until every piece of clothing you own in either in the yes pile or the no pile.
  6. Fold and put away or hang back up every item in the yes pile.
  7. Sort through your “No” pile again. These items can’t go back into your closet unless A:the item changes or B: your body changes. If it’s an item that is too small now but it used to fit and you think that you will lose enough weight to fit back into it within the year you can put it in a storage bin. If it’s an item that is too big but you love it and must find a way to make it work, but it in a bag to take to the tailor.
  8. If you’re not going to have an item tailored and you’re not going to fit into it again, put it in a third bin to donate to a thrift store or to consign.
  9. Examine your current well-fitting wardrobe. If there are any gaps in it you will need to buy a new piece to replace something that wasn’t working. Use these same questions and rules in the fitting room when shopping to determine if something fits you correctly.
  10. Confidently smile knowing that whatever you throw on will flatter your figure in the best way possible.

Subtract another 6 months from your age.


  1. Update and Define Your Personal Style

update your personal styleThis is something that celebrities have down. That isn’t to say that they always wear whatever is currently trendy and neither should you. Trends come and go and can include unflattering looks that will be out of style again before you can say leggings with Uggs. It is important however to make sure that those “classic” pieces that you think of as your wardrobe staples aren’t screaming last decade. Having an outdated or “all over the map” style can make you look out of touch and old. Take a cue from your style icons and an afternoon off and get this right once and for all. Here’s how.

  1. This is going to involve another closet cleanout project. Empty your closet and dresser out again. Fortunately, if you’ve already followed the previous tip this will go quickly. Make 3 piles, “keep”, “maybe”, and “discard”.
  2. Begin sorting. If you hate it or never wear it or don’t know why it’s even in your closet put in in the discard pile. If simply holding the item makes your heart sing with joy and you would like to wear it right now, put it in the keep pile.
  3. Everything else will fall into a grey area. Maybe it’s an item that you love in theory but that you never actually put on. Maybe it’s something you’re holding onto for sentimental reasons, or because you paid a lot of money for it but it never figured out how to wear it. This is where defining your PERSONAL style comes in. Most often if you truly do like an item of clothing but never end up wearing it, it’s because that item has a very strong personality which doesn’t really and truly mesh with the way you want to portray yourself. Or maybe it’s who you would like to imagine you are but it’s not a very comfortable style for you. Try to realize that you can still love something without having to BE that thing. It’s ok to let go. If you love it…set it free.
  4. If you paid a lot of money for it, but it’s in the grey area, it was likely an impulse buy. Something you loved and bought but didn’t really think out how you would use it or if you already had another item of clothing that serves the same purpose. These types of items can often be consigned so you can make some of your money back. They also make great gifts for family members or friends. If you can think of someone who would appreciate it more than you, giving it up is not letting it go to waste.
  5. If it’s a sentimental item. Maybe a souvenir T-shirt from Disneyland, a bright sarong that a friend brought back from travels, or a band shirt from those guys you don’t even listen to anymore. Think long and hard about WHY the item is sentimental. Oftentimes the item can be repurposed into a more useful item. The Sarong can become a wall hanging or a table cover. The band T can be cut into a cute workout tank or if you have a collection of T’s, cut the graphics out and make them into a quilt.

If you can’t find a creative way to keep a sentimental item in your life, ask yourself if having a picture of the item would be just as good. Taking snapshots of sentimental pieces can make them easier to get rid of. Remind yourself that the memories associated with an item are alive inside of your head, not inside of the item.

If none of this works and you simply can’t give it up, pack it away into a box and put it somewhere out of the way like the garage or attic. Even though they happen to be items of clothing, sentimental mementos that play no role in helping you to get dressed, do not belong in your closet.

  1. Take a look at everything in your keep pile. See any themes? You should be starting to get an idea of your personal style by looking at what’s left. If not don’t worry. This is the fun part. Peruse fashion magazines. Look at pictures of what celebrities are wearing right now. Be honest with yourself. Could you pull that off?
  2. Make a list of the things you need to add back into your wardrobe to make it functional. It might help to look at capsule wardrobes you like to get an idea of the pieces you’ll need.
  3. Go shopping! Be careful. Stick with Items that feel both current and timeless. Imagine what you already have that would go well this and come up with outfit ideas in your head before you purchase the item.
  4. Enjoy your new updated wardrobe and signature style. You can now confidently throw on anything in your closet and feel good about how you look!

Subtract 6 months from your age.


  1. Update Your Hairstyle and Keep it Trimmed

keep it trimmedWhen was the last time you looked up trending hairstyles, picked one you loved, and had your stylist execute it? If it’s been more than 5 years it might be time to update your style. The reason being that even if your haircut started out with a strong sense of style, by now others would likely just describe it as “long” or “short”. In other words “boring”. Once you’ve chosen a style it’s important to have it up kept regularly, not only to maintain the shape but to keep it looking healthy and shiny. If you neglect to clean up your ends periodically your glowing mane will look like a scraggly mess no matter how much shine serum you’re smoothing on.

  1. Get your computer and google 2016 current hairstyles. Get a good feel for what’s going on out there right now. Choose a haircut that is flattering to your face and you will maintain.
  2. Save several pictures of the haircut you want on your phone. Make sure that the woman in the picture has a similar type of hair to you so you kmow that it will actually work
  3. Call your most trusted hairstylist and schedule an appointment. Make sure you let her know ahead of time that you are planning on having her CHANGE your style, not just trim it. This way she will schedule in enough time to do a consultation with you before the cut.
  4. At the appointment show her your pictures. Ask his or her honest opinion, will this style work for you. Trust your stylists advice and let them go to town.
  5. When you are paying at the end of your appointment ask to schedule your next appointment right then. Your stylist will advise you when to come back but a good rule of thumb is every 6 weeks for short hair, and every 12 weeks for longer hair.
  6. Strut back to your car admiring the reflection of your on-point new hairstyle in your car window.

Subtract another 6 months from your age.


  1. Get Real About Facial Hair

woman covering mouthAnother side effect of aging is hormonal fluctuations that can have hairs popping up in places you’ve never had them before. Paying attention to easily overlooked areas like under your chin or the sides of your cheeks can save you an embarrassing moment. You may have had a little unnoticeable blonde peach fuzz over your top lip. As you age this fuzz can sometimes darken giving women an unsightly over the lip shadow. Get regular face waxing if this is a problem for you. Or better yet, make an appointment for laser hair removal so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

  1. If you decide to go with waxing make an appointment with a bonafide spa, not a cheap nail place that also does waxing. Spas tend to use better quality wax that doesn’t hurt as much, do before and after preparations on your skin to lessen chances of redness or bumpiness after the treatment and be better at pulling the wax off in a way that ensures hair comes out by the roots and doesn’t just break off at the skin. It’s worth the extra $5 you will pay to have it done well
  2. If you decide you go with laser hair removal call our office at to schedule an appointment. Keep in mind that it could take several treatments but when you’re done with the series it’s likely that you won’t have to worry about it again.
  3. Put sunscreen over the treated area
  4. Show off your baby smooth face.

Subtract another 6 months from your age.

  1. Get Soft Luminous Legs by Dry Brushing Your Skin Before Every Shower

dry brushIf you’ve got alligator legs, drinking more water and rubbing in more lotion probably isn’t going to do much to change how they look. Why? Because you can’t re-hydrate dead skin. We’ve already mentioned that the body sheds about a million skin cells a day. Those cells need help getting sloughed off. Try spending a few minutes in your shower with a dry brush before turning the water on and you’ll be amazed at how much younger your legs look afterward.

  1. Take off your clothes and take your long handled body brush into the shower with you.
  2. Without turning the water on, begin at your ankles and start brushing in mostly upward strokes. The more vigorously you brush the more dead skin you will exfoliate.
  3. Continue on by brushing both of your entire legs, your buttocks, your arms and anywhere else you feel could use a good exfoliation.
  4. Put your brush away somewhere where it won’t get wet and turn on the shower
  5. Shower as usual and wash away all the dead skin you have just exfoliated
  6. Use a good quality lotion after your shower on all the areas you’ve just exfoliated.
  7. Admire your baby soft skin.

Subtract another 6 months from your age. 


  1. Look Carefree and Youthful by Practicing Daily Gratitude

grattitude2Believe it or not gratitude improves more than just your mental outlook. People who are grateful and satisfied in life are also perceived as younger and more attractive. A genuine smile can do wonders for reversing the clock and can even infuse you with more energy which in turn will make you come off as young and vital. But how do you change your mental outlook and decide to be a grateful person? By choosing to focus on all of the positive aspects of your life.

  1. Get a small notepad and a pen that you can keep by your bed.
  2. Sitting in bed tonight before you lie down and sleep think about the day you had. Write down one thing that you are grateful that you got to experience. It can be thankfulness that you met a deadline, that you got to see a beautiful sunset. It doesn’t have to big. Write it down
  3. Think about the people in your life that love you and write down the name of one person’s who love you are grateful for.
  4. Think about experiences that your senses let you enjoy. The taste of your favorite food or morning cup of coffee, the sound of the wind rustling in the trees, the feel of being barefoot in the grass. Pick one sensory experience that you are grateful to be privileged to enjoy and write that down.
  5. Put your notepad down and go to sleep.
  6. In the morning before you get out of your bed and spend just a few moments reading what you wrote down and reflecting on some of the wonderful experiences you are going to have today.
  7. Repeat this daily.

Subtract 1 year from your age. 

Total years younger by completing every item on the list? 10!





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