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Do you feel like an attack has been waged on your skin? Sure, it sounds dramatic, but the last time you took a gander at yourself in the mirror, you saw a war zone of wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, dryness, discoloration, dark spots and enlarged pores. Look, it may be difficult to admit, but it’s time to stop the madness and win this battle against your once beautiful smooth skin with DermaFrac.

DermaFrac is one of the best non-invasive secret weapons used to fight the damage that has been caused by aging, sun exposure, and acne. The system uses microdermabrasion, LED therapy and micro-needling to infuse serums deep into the dermal-epidermal layer of the skin to restore the skin to a smooth, youthful texture.

At Advanced Skin Fitness, we use 6 different serums that are injected into the skin during the micro-needling process that targets distinct skin care concerns. Your technician will evaluate the condition of your skin to determine the best serum to use to treat your individual problem areas before the first phase of the process which is microdermabrasion.

The Process

1. Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells by sloughing off flaky rough skin to reveal smooth, polished skin.

2. Micro-needling is the second process which involves using a precision controlled handpiece with a vacuum that gently pulls the skin towards the vacuum. This allows tiny micro-needles to penetrate the skin to the selected depth of the dermal-epidermal layer. This process helps to prevent pain to the patient and scarring afterward. The micro-needles create pathways so that the serum can be injected and infused into the skin. The skin will absorb the serum, along with a stimulation of collagen production, which will improve the overall appearance of the skin.

3. LED Therapy (light emitting diode) is the third process. It involves using red frequency light, yellow frequencies and blue frequencies to reduce inflammation, trigger collagen production and eliminate acne.

Once the Dermafrac process is completed, patients should expect amazing results that correspond with the injection of serum that was used for their specific skin issue.

Patients will see some of the following outcomes:

  • rejuvenation with the stimulation of collagen production,
  • hydration from hyaluronic acid,
  • clarification with cleansed pores and lightening to balance skin pigment


Dermafrac takes less than an hour to perform and requires no downtime or recovery time. Some patients may experience slight redness, which is temporary and will subside in little time.

If you’re ready for clear, more elastic skin with increased volume and unclogged pores, stop by today so we can get you started with Dermafrac, a great defense against damaged skin.

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