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Velashape 3 For Leg Swelling and Edema

Ew! What's happening? You've got swollen legs, bloated feet, puffy ankles, inflated arms and inflamed hands. Boy, you're starting to feel like a human water balloon and it's the worst. It looks like you may be suffering from edema. Edema is an abnormal swelling,...

Scrotox: The New Botox for Men

Don’t get it twisted! Women aren’t the only proud creatures who invest in cosmetic treatments for wrinkles. There’s an increasing amount of men who are willing to take a shot or two to improve their appearance. Yes, really! Okay, maybe you know a couple of guys who...

At Home vs Professional Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures on the market. It's an effective option for prolonged and sometimes permanent hair removal.  This safe, non-invasive procedure uses laser technology to infiltrate and disrupt the hair...

Pico Genesis for Gentle Treatment of Hyper-pigmentation

If you've noticed dark patches or darkening spots on your face, neck, or hands, you may be experiencing some form of hyper-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation occurs when the melanin in your skin becomes overactive. This condition is characterized by dark spots,...

7 Reasons to Get a Monthly Facial

  Okay, so you can admit that you have problem skin and you're probably no different from the average person who slathers on mud masks, uses scrubs every other day and even steams their face from time to time hoping to regain the youthful glow they once had. The truth...

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